Sepoy & Co Mixers

Sepoy & Co mixers are made in India and with 100% natural ingredients sourced from India.

Indian tonic water was originally invented during the British Raj in India as a preventive measure against malaria around 1820. This journey has now gone full circle with Sepoy & Co which is the premium mixer brand from India identifiable by it’s iconic ribbed bottle design.

Recognising that consumers are increasingly knowledgeable about premium spirits and looking for bespoke mixers with greater flavour profiles, tonic water has evolved from an afterthought to an essential part of a mixed drink.

The brand naming is inspired by the legacy of the Sepoy warriors that have deep roots in Indian culture and are an integral part of the story of Gin&Tonic itself…………..

A sepoy was originally the designation given to an Indian infantryman armed with a musket in the armies of the Mughal empire. In the 18th century the French East India Company and its other European counterparts employed locally recruited soldiers within India, mainly consisting of infantry designated as “sepoys”. The largest of these Indian forces, trained along European lines, was that belonging to the British East India Company.

The British, once they learnt about quinine, introduced it in India mainly for the Indian soldiers fighting for the British East India Company. After the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857, the British Crown took over the governance of India from the British East India Company and strengthened its presence on the subcontinent. By the late 1850s, the growing number of troops and their families in India increased the demand for quinine. Living in the colony required the ability to fight the deadly disease of Malaria, many British expatriates in India consumed rations of quinine in the form of “Indian tonic water.”

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